Vandalia ONE

Community / Region Focus

This collaborative effort supports the students of Vandalia C.U.S.D. #203 and the Okaw Vocational Center in the greater Fayette County area, with the goal to expand to other districts in the county over the next 3-5 years.  The ONE stands for Own it, Name it, Embrace it.


Vandalia C.U.S.D. #203 and Kaskaskia College

Key Goals

• Freshman on Track – Currently 81.7% with the goal to increase to 88% by 2019-20 school year with incremental increases thereafter using our Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) data to drive instruction and focusing on failures in Algebra I during the 2018-19 school year.

• High School Graduation Rate – Currently 86% with the goal to increase to 90% by 20-21. A mentoring program called Community Connections was created in 2018-19. The goal is to connect a student that has been identified as needing a caring adult in his/her life or just extra support from an adult mentor in the community. The work on increasing the freshman on track rate should also correlate to an increase in graduation rates within the next 4 years.

• County Unemployment Rate: Currently 4.3% – We will work with our state partners to identify how to best measure and track this metric. This is an area for technical support sooner rather than later to get this metric in place.

• Post-Secondary Remediation Rates – The remediation rate on the class of 2016 (must current data available) includes 40.2% of our graduates attending Community College. Of those attending Community College, 41.0% were enrolled in remedial classes with 33% needing a remedial math course. Our focus of using our Northwest Evaluation Association MAP data to drive instruction in 9-12th grade and focusing on decreasing the amount of math failures in high school will decrease students’ need for remedial math. We expect improvement in our data in the next four years as we specifically are targeting freshman failure rates. We will be hiring a Title I teacher to work with students in need of extra support during the 19-20 school year. This includes all grades 9-12.

• FAFSA Completion – FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) completion campaign with 2019-20 being the baseline data year.

Prioritized STEM Industry Clusters

• Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
• Health Sciences & Technology
• Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
• Manufacturing
• Human and Public Services – Education and Training (explore “grow your own partnerships for K-12 or Early Childhood education

Key Activities

• Take Career Clusters (16) and provide Pathways with Vandalia High School and Kaskaskia Community College to break down how students go from 8th grade to associates degree with the goal to expand partnerships with Universities. The Workforce Development Committee will be instrumental in defining the pathways based on need in the community’s region. Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics & Health Sciences are the areas identified as high need based on our Fayette County data. We have a strong FFA program in place, which is a natural transition. Education and Training is an area that was cut in our Okaw Vocational Center and there is an opportunity to explore if there is a need to bring it back with the teacher shortage. Our goal is the development all 16 Pathways. The identified areas are where we are starting unless we have interest from our partners and a commitment to partner from business and industry include:

  • FAFSA Completion Campaign.
  • Vocational Bootcamp with half a day on the trades and half the day on tours.
  • Allied Health Boot Camps- The target population discussed is incoming freshman