Thrive Chicago

Community/Region of Focus

Chicago, working with neighborhoods across the city

Recent Updates

December 2017 — Thrive Chicago has been working on efforts to strengthen postsecondary supports and improve outcomes for Opportunity Youth.  They convened the Postsecondary Working Group between May and December to explore citywide recommendations for increasing college enrollment and persistence. Members of the Working Group collaborated with others within the postsecondary space (e.g. college access organizations, secondary stakeholders, higher education institutions, and funders) to ask, “what do first generation low income college students need?” Read more

September 2017 — This spring, Thrive Chicago launched three Opportunity Youth Action Teams aimed at reconnecting these youth, expanding learn and earn opportunities, and increasing youth employment. Thrive’s data partnerships across the city help support both these Action Teams and other initiatives around high school enrollment and reducing summer melt to support college completion. Read more

Prioritized STEM Industry Clusters

  • Manufacturing
  • TDL
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Architecture and Construction

Key Activities for Upcoming Year

  • Driving action teams across 3 change networks
  • Publish Thrive citywide scorecard
  • Partner with Urban Labs to build data infrastructure
  • Host Opportunity Youth Summit