Recent Updates

June 2019 РThis past week, Rock Valley College (RVC) conducted their dual credit boot camp for MET 100 (Introductory CAD and Print Reading). RVC faculty member, Denise Anderson, facilitated a group of high school instructors through the experience of a student in her MET 100 class. Instructors worked through an introductory student tutorial on SolidWorks, software used for computer-aided design including creating engineering drawings. Instructors asked questions and grappled with typical issues and confusion that students experience when first learning the SolidWorks program. Through direct instruction from Denise and peer-mentoring among one another, high school instructors worked diligently to ensure their ability to teach MET 100 course to their high school students but at the college level.


Community/Region of Focus

Rockford Public Schools District 205

Prioritized STEM Industry Clusters

  • Health Sciences
  • Human and Public Services
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, Industrial and Trades
  • Business, IT, Arts, and Modern World Languages

Key Activities for Upcoming Year

  • Developing dashboards to track credits, performance, and transition; work-based learning opportunities and benchmarks
  • Professional development in problem-based learning
  • Enhanced training for Academy Support Teams and College and Career Readiness Councils
  • Integrated curriculum design