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McLean County

Recent Updates

September 2018 —  Over the last several months the McLean County Compact action teams have developed a logic model that outlines resources, activities, products and outcomes related to joint goals, including the 60 by 25 goal. The teams are using the logic model to identify areas for collaboration, joint execution and to leverage resources.

March 2018 — The McLean County 60 by 25 Network leadership team has taken a big step to strengthen their efforts toward the 60 by 25 goal. Final bylaws have been written and will be approved this month to merge the McLean County Community COMPACT with the BN Advantage Workforce Development Task Force, under the auspices of the McLean County Chamber of Commerce. This merger is expected to result in unified communications, employer engagement and financial/logistical planning and execution. Also, an Indicators and Metrics team led by the Regional Planning Commission with advisement from a cross-sector team including industry, government and education is building a county economic/workforce development dashboard, which will feature multiple indicators, and will complement the 60 by 25 dashboard. The dashboard will link to information developed by the newly reorganized COMPACT, to include progress on coordinated strategic plans across 17 entities, including education, civic, and economic development organizations. Team members are working to benchmark data to comparable communities and will set targets across a range of metrics.

December 2017 — The McLean County 60 by 25 Leadership Community team has had a very busy and productive fall season. Fifteen collaborative entities are now formally involved in strategic planning regarding the 60 by 25 goal. These include school districts, higher education institutions, and not-for-profit community agencies. Coming soon are shared activities and products along with joint metrics for impact.  Read more

September 2017 — In McLean County, over a dozen education, employer, and community entities adopted the 60 by 25 goal and have made it part of their strategic planning toward workforce development. Read more

June 2017 — The McLean County Leadership Community effort is utilizing existing structures to promote the 60 by 25 goal, while embarking on a comprehensive strategic planning process that will help it to streamline and leverage its education to careers efforts more effectively. You can learn more about recent accomplishments and current projects in McLean County here.

Prioritized STEM Industry Clusters

  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Transportation
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Health Sciences

Key Successes to Date

  • Established Chamber of Commerce as backbone
  • Strategic plan
  • Curriculum & employer engagement committees
  • Employer survey (jobs outlook/skills needed)

Key Activities for Upcoming School Years

  • DOL/DCEO grant proposal for IT
  • Secure employer funding and in-kind contributions
  • Industry cluster pathways and programs of study
  • Employability skills
  • Hire project manager(s)
  • Inspire Platform launch