Making Opportunities Real for Everyone (MORE) in the Mississippi and Rock River Regions

Community/Region of Focus

Whiteside Area Career Center, 18 high schools

Recent Updates

December 2017 — MORE (Making Opportunities Real for Everyone in the Rock and Mississippi River Regions) has been building on the groundwork they laid over the last year. They are currently adding businesses and employers to the InspireMore Career Cruising platform.  Local chambers, ROE, public education, higher education and industry leaders have joined efforts to promote and connect students to opportunities through the network meetings. Read more

September 2017 — Since May, MORE has reached out to area businesses in Dixon, Sterling, Rock Falls, Morrison, and Fulton in Illinois and Clinton, Iowa to begin developing a network of employers who can partner with 18 area high schools through the Career Cruising Inspire program. Read more

Prioritized STEM Industry Clusters

  • Specific focus on manufacturing, agriculture, health science, and construction
  • Initial project allows for application across all industry clusters

Key Activities for Upcoming School Year

  • Career Cruising Inspire is being purchased through WACC.
  • Area communities will be supported through partnerships formed with MOR.
  • SVCC and WACC will begin hosting training for area high schools to maximize opportunities.
  • MOR is promoting the Multi-craft Extended Internship Program at SVCC through partnerships with area manufacturers and high schools.
  • MOR is promoting Morrison Tech’s pre-engineering dual credit program that allows high school students to earn credit toward an engineering degree.
  • MOR is working with SVCC, NIU, WACC and area hospitals to expand enrollment in health science courses, certifications and degree programs.
  • MOR will also be promoting and helping schools grow their school-business partnership programs through Career Cruising Inspire and business portfolios that highlight networking opportunities.