Recent Updates

May 2020 — Evanston Offers Virtual Career Readiness Training for High School Seniors

The Mayor’s Employer Advisory Council (MEAC) and its partners in Evanston have been providing virtual career readiness training resources and training to support seniors from Evanston Township High School who are about to graduate.  The career readiness program developed by Youth Job Center (YJC) is aligned with the e-learning class schedule at the school and is conducted virtually by a professional trainer on the YJC staff.  The program is publicized at the school by the MEAC Career Partnership Manager, the Postsecondary School Counselor, the Director of the CTE division, and various teachers.  Students have to sign up virtually and can substitute the program for a regular class.

Community / Region Focus

Boundary of School District 202 (Evanston and part of the City of Skokie)


Mayor’s Employer Advisory Council

Region Story

Mayor’s Employer Advisory Council (MEAC) is a voluntary organization chartered in April 2018 and launched in June 2018. It was conceived by the Mayor of the City of Evanston as a way to bring local employers and the local high school into closer alignment. The goal was to provide resources through local career opportunities that young people stay in Evanston after high school graduation. Since the launch, the focus has broadened to include young people up to the age of 25 who have graduated but have not found their career pathway.

Prioritized Industry Clusters

• Health Sciences
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Culinary Arts

Key Success to Date

• Hired full-time Career Partnership Manager who is located inside Evanston Township High School to support counselors, teachers, and administration.
• Initiated Career Focus Month, which brings MEAC members into the school to promote career understanding in their sectors
• Expanded MEAC membership

Key Goals for Next 2 Years

• Expand dual credit with Oakton Community College
• Provide job shadowing leading to paid internships
• Continue implementation of Career Focus Month
• Continue to expand MEAC membership