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Community/Region of Focus

Little Village


Over the next two years, the Little Village Education Collaborative’s High School and Post-Secondary Subcommittee and the Adult Education Subcommittee will work to:

· Create a shared data collection method in order to compile data from local high schools and two- and four-year colleges that Little Village students attend. They will collect quality data from these institutions, including high school graduation rates, college application rates, college acceptance rates, perseverance and college graduation rates. This data will be used to inform strategies that address gaps and build on strengths.

· Increase participation of advisors and counselors in opportunities for networking and collaboration. Currently, there is a group of highly invested advisors and counselors from 19 CPS schools in Little Village and local higher education institutions working to create strategies aimed at streamlining the transition process from middle school to high school and postsecondary. This collaboration leads to strengthened relationships and systems integration that support successful post-secondary enrollment and retention of Little Village students.

· Support parents as key partners in their children’s post-secondary success. They will continue to increase participation in the Parent Leaders for College initiative. This initiative is designed to promote knowledge about post-secondary opportunities, address the specific concerns of immigrant and first-generation college families, and create a college going culture.